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In Home Daycare VS A Daycare Center

Which One Is Better A In Home Daycare Or A Daycare Center

Home Daycare VS A Center. Which one is better? This article is designed to help you decide for your-self. If you have a full-time job as a mother or a father, you are familiar with daycare. What you should know is that it can do so much more than you've imagined. If you are considering daycare, you may wonder if it is the best choice or if home care is a better way to go. It's a common ponderance, and there are debates on both sides, with each claiming the other is better.  For a comprehensive look at both options so that you can choose with thorough knowledge, look at the facts below.

Financial Issues with Childcare

While it is sad but true, many can't afford daycare, but they can't afford to on the opposite side of that coin. In many cases, it's a double-edged sword. In the past decade, daycare costs have doubled, and many find it impossible to afford daycare even if both parents are working. Another problem is that some essential elements like nutrition could slip because the centers cannot afford it if you don't choose a higher quality daycare. They also cannot afford proper equipment in some cases, though many of these centers claim they do. Here at Susy’s Family Child Care, we strive to provide the best nutrition and the best equipment for your little ones to be able to enjoy themselves each day.

Finding a Daycare Near You

Distance is another problem you might face. If you live in a smaller area, there is a significant chance that there isn't any childcare available, and you may have to drive well over three hours every day to make sure your child has a center to go to. That means waking up early for you and them and long hours back and forth. That takes its toll on you and can take a toll on your child. Many children, especially those at a younger age, dislike being in a car seat for long periods at a time. It has also been shown that letting a child sleep in a car seat is not a wise idea. So be sure to do your best to find one nearby. A positive thing about the Coachella Valley is that all towns and cities are really close together and to get to one end of the Valley to the other usually only takes about 20-25 minutes.

Fostering A Deeper Relationship With Your Child

One of the best reasons for not sending your child to daycare is that you can foster a better relationship with them. It has been shown that some children don't adjust well to daycare, and if they do, your relationship may still suffer. The more time they spend at the center, the less chance there is for positive interaction with you as the parent. That creates tension and stress. In the long term, it could mean that your child becomes less emotionally attached to you, which is something that no mother wants. Another issue with sending them to a daycare is the high turnover of staff. Being around so many different caregivers make it highly likely that your child will have issues forming a deep bond with a caregiver.

Is Keeping Your Child at Home Beneficial?

The other option is to keep them at home with you. You would think that's better right? You see your offspring every day, foster a great relationship, and there are no issues, right? Well, not exactly. The problem with keeping a child at home is that they don't learn the socialization skills that they would learn at a center.

By going to daycare, your child learns how to talk to other children, learn how to empathize with others, and learn how to play well and help their peers. They learn to communicate with people their age as well as playing with educational equipment. However, you can make all the same effort at home. The only thing that's missing would be the chance to be around others their same age. Children who stay at home may also experience anxiety when separated from their parents, which can cause issues with their mental health. In addition, it has been suggested that they may mature slower at home than in a social situation.

Recent Issues with Daycare Centers

Unfortunately, one thing that has become an issue in daycare centers is a lack of funding and a lack of care. If you live in an impoverished area, you may find that they cannot afford the items necessary to give your children proper nutrition. Another issue is that childhood abuse in daycares has almost doubled in the past decade making parents frightened of what could happen to their children. Accidents have also occurred because the attendants didn't watch the children as carefully as they should have. In one case, in particular, an attendant wasn't watching a child get a paperclip, and he ended up sticking it a light socket burning three fingers badly enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room.

Getting Sick at Daycare

This area is another double-edged sword. Many believe that exposing your child to sickness early on helps their immune system, while others believe it is dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Both can be true. It depends on the child, which makes it hard to determine which option is best. Many mothers find that their child experiences common issues like lice, chickenpox, foot and mouth disease, and rashes. Other problems include colds, cases of flu, and in some cases, more severe issues that require hospitalization. However, keeping your child home can cause their immune systems to be less developed, which can mean a common cold could mean a trip to the doctor.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you want the best of both worlds, you may consider placing your little one in a center or part-time. That gives you time with your child and gives your child time with other children to make friends. In addition, you could make friends with the other mothers. Many mothers find that they form lifelong friends. Along with that, your children can make lifelong friends and learn the correct way to play with other children appropriately.

Ultimately The Choice Is Yours

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Each family is an individualized unit and, as such, has its own set of needs. If you find that daycare doesn't work full time, try part-time. Part-time may not work either, depending on your family's situation, but you'll know that for yourself. Making this choice is difficult, but it can become necessary if working is vital in caring for your little one and creating the best environment for them.

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