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Professional Drop-in Daycare That Cares About Your Children

We know that as a parent, it isn't easy dropping your child off at daycare, but it has to be done. Fortunately, our drop-in daycare service does more than looking after your child; we provide a fun and learning environment that keeps them busy until you return to pick them up. That's one of the reasons why children enjoy getting dropped off at Susy's Family Childcare.

How Much Does Drop in Daycare Cost?

Many parents who have not used a drop in daycare service may ask, "how much does a drop-in service near me cost?" the answer to that question can be tricky. The cost varies quite a bit. However, we can tell you that Susy's Family Childcare is competitively priced and affordable, all without reducing the quality of our service.

We care for your children like they were our own. In fact, many of the people working here are mothers and fathers, which is why your kids are in very capable hands.

Why Choose Susy's Family Childcare, Drop in Daycare?

Honestly, there are many reasons why people choose to drop their children off at our daycare. Perhaps the most telling is that we can be trusted. Our reputation as the most trustworthy and caring daycare has gone a long way.

Here are a few more reasons to choose us:

  • We keep parents updated – Whenever a parent calls, we update them or have the child speak with them. Furthermore, we also provide updates if the child requires special attention.
  • Not an ordinary daycare – We don't just take care of children but want them to have a fun time with games and other leisurely activities.
Have A Question?

Do you have a question about our drop in daycare service? Then feel free to get in touch or book an appointment to visit us.

We seek to provide safe, high quality child care which includes opportunities for all our children to grow and mature, at their own developmental level.