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Summer Daycare in La Quinta, California Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

Daycare centers get swamped during the summer months with kids who have nothing to do outside of school hours, and it can be difficult to keep them from getting bored. However, there are plenty of activities you can use to keep your daycare center’s kids entertained through the summer months and give their parents some much-needed time off! Here are five summer daycare in La Quinta, California activities that will help your child stay happy and busy during the warmer months ahead.

1) Walking Through Mud Puddles

On a warm summer day, what could be more fun than watching your kids run through piles of mud? This is an easy-to-set-up activity that can keep kids entertained for hours. Make sure you have some large sponges on hand, so little ones won’t get too dirty. If you have younger children, they may need some extra protection from the mud. But overall, this activity is sure to make memories—good and bad! Consider sending a few pictures in a digital frame to family members when you’re done!

2) Flower Painting

Colors speak louder than words when it comes to summer fun. Get your preschoolers involved in some bright, beautiful artwork with a simple flower painting activity. You’ll need few supplies for this one—just some paint, floral foam, and watercolor paper. This activity will not only keep kids busy during their daycare stay but also help foster creativity, social interaction, color recognition, fine motor skills (grip strength), and cognitive development (i.e., thinking outside of the box). The end results? A bunch of flowers that can be proudly displayed on any refrigerator door!

3) Jump Roping

Jumping rope is a fun way for kids to burn calories and strengthen their muscles. Place jump ropes in your daycare room or on outdoor play equipment so children can have fun while getting exercise. If you plan on including jump ropes in your summer daycare program, choose high-quality ropes that are evenly weighted. Also, remember not to allow older children to jump rope with younger ones—jump ropes can seriously injure kids who are still developing coordination skills. To prevent injuries, have an adult supervise younger children while they’re jumping rope. If you do allow older kids to use jump ropes with young ones, make sure they’re attentive and careful when instructing them how to use them properly.

4) Backyard Beach Party

To create a mini-beach scene, spread out a beach towel and fill it with sand. Add seashells and flip flops and dress your child in swim trunks and goggles. For added fun, mix together an assortment of colored water in ice cube trays and place them around outside for bathtub-like fun. This activity is great for hand/eye coordination as well as creativity! Be sure to bring along sunscreen!

5) Treasure Hunting

Finding treasures is always fun - especially when you can share them with friends. Take your children to a local beach or stream and see who can find the most pebbles, shells, or rocks. Then, let them spend time arranging them by size, color, or any other quality they want. It’s especially good for older kids; it gives them an outlet for creativity and reinforces their vocabulary skills as they describe each stone.


In conclusion, there are many fun things you can do during summer vacations at daycare in La Quinta, California to keep these little ones entertained and engaged. Of course, we cannot provide you with a complete list of activities; we suggest that you spend some time brainstorming ideas yourself based on your kids’ interests and current skills.

We seek to provide safe, high quality child care which includes opportunities for all our children to grow and mature, at their own developmental level.