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5 Best Spring Break Ideas for Daycare in Coachella, California

With spring break right around the corner, parents will be scrambling to figure out what they can do with their children to keep them occupied and away from too much screen time. Childcare centers can take advantage of this opportunity by offering spring break camps that appeal to both children and their parents alike. Check out our list of the best spring break ideas for childcare center in Coachella, California below!

1) Go on a Field Trip

There’s nothing quite like getting out of your everyday surroundings to keep everyone on their toes. At childcare centers, spring break is a perfect time to bring kids new places—zoo visits are always a hit. On top of being educational, field trips are an excellent opportunity to get kids active and bond with staff, the environment, and society in new ways. If you can swing it, plan multiple outings. The more, the merrier! A day at sea or lake can also provide plenty of hands-on learning experiences that will capture children’s interest while simultaneously educating them about water safety. Similarly, a trip to the museum is a fantastic way to spark children’s imaginations and deepen their understanding of science, art, culture, and history.

2) Gardening

Gardening is a great way to educate young children about nature and its role in our ecosystem.  Planting and harvesting vegetables give children experience with basic biology and organic chemistry while promoting a sense of self-sufficiency and responsibility. Children will learn how different types of plants grow, how long they take to sprout when they flower, and what fruits or vegetable products they produce. Letting them assist in actually planting gives them hands-on experience with botany that few other educational activities can provide! You can even supplement your learning plan by offering classes on gardening at your center.

3) Visit a museum

You’ll be amazed at how much children can learn while simply walking through a museum. By visiting a museum, you’re exposing them to new ideas and concepts they may not have known about before. You’re also giving them an opportunity to use their imagination while exploring different forms of art that are presented in unique ways by artists from all walks of life. They also get to learn about various cultures, pre-historic times, other countries, and other interesting subjects. All of these experiences will help enrich your child’s education.

4) Have Kids Play Sports

If your center runs a sports program, invite parents to bring their kids out to play while they watch. There’s no better way to have fun while staying active! Be sure to include a variety of sports, from football and soccer to basketball and baseball. Encourage participation with prizes—and don’t forget about safety equipment, like helmets and shin guards. This is sure to be an event that all your child care clients will remember fondly when they leave with their children after hours of fun!

5) Celebrate Other Cultures

St. Patrick’s Day is an appropriate time to discuss St. Patrick’s Day, but why stop there? From Christian holidays to Hinduism to Islam and everything in between, introducing kids to other cultures can help cultivate more empathy and acceptance—not just of different faiths but of people who are different from them (and even those who aren’t).


In conclusion, these are some of our best spring break ideas that we hope your children will love.

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