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  • December 01, 2009, Johnson- To Whom It May Concern: This Letter is to give a reference to Ms. Susy and her daycare, "Susy's Family Childcare". I began taking my now 27 month old son to Ms. Susy's. My son was enrolled for more than a year and we left Susy's because we no longer needed her service. Susy interviewed me just as much as I interviewed her demonstrating to me that she is concerned with ensuring the right  mix of children in her care and not just the "warm body to fill the space. " My husband liked her right away and the relationship was sealed. I began taking my older son to her 4-5 days per week approx. 6-8 hours a day. We have a special diet which Susy didn't mind serving and my son wore cloth diapers which she didn't mind using. Susy was always pleasant, always professional and always helpful. She was always sending home progress notes and little projects my son was going. That was nice to see there wasn't just TV watching going on.  I want to give my recommendation to you that Susy is an excellent childcare provider and a lovely responsible person. 
  • June 26, 2010, Rebecca- Excellent Childcare! Love the set up of your Daycare. And you do an excellent job with the children!
  • July 21, 2010, Angelica W.-Susy is a great childcare provider who maintains a clean and safe environment for all the children in her care. She accepts children with special needs which is how we met. I would highly recommend this daycare to any family who wants quality care for their child.
  • September 30, 2010, Alex C - Susy's family childcare is a great daycare. When my daughter is there I know there is nothing for me to worry about because I know she is in a safe place and in good hands. My daughter Daniella has been going to Susy's family childcare since she was 1 year old and she is now turning 5 years old and she has learned a lot there. 
  •  September 9, 2011- Avalos

To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to serve as a reference for Ms. Susy. Ms. Zamora has been serving as a Student Teacher, and Volunteer in our Head Start classroom.

Since I have known Ms. Zamora, she has demonstrated her passion and love of teaching of the students she works with.   She is being characterized as a very responsible, capable, hard working, reliable, dedicated, polite, and compassionate person both in her professional and personal life. Ms. Zamora has been supporting a Head Start class in which she has been attentive to meet children?s needs, leading group activities, and assessing as well as observing children within school environment.

Ms. Zamora is highly regarded and respected by parents and students. She is a truly dedicated individual. Her high set of values will be an asset to any company or organization. Her education and practical experience of her teaching career will make her a great candidate to contribute and put in use her knowledge and her services.

Best regards,  M. Avalos, Mentor and Head Start Teacher

September 25, 2011, Martha-

          To Whom It May Concern:   My Son has been attending Susy's Family Childcare since August 2010. When faced with the decision to place our son in a home childcare, we didn't realized how difficult it would be. We had many concerns because our son was speech delayed and he needed someone who would be patient, experienced with special needs children, and structured. We interviewed several daycare providers in the La Quinta area and we were quite disappointed. We just didn't feel at ease with any one provider. We were desperately seeking someone who would connect with our child right away and an environment in which our son felt comfortable. Susy was actually the last daycare provider we interviewed and we were so relieved that we did!

Susy actually made our child feel at home immediately. She connected with him and showed him around before we sat down to discuss her daycare schedule. structure, and routines. He felt important and safe. This was key to finding the perfect provider. As we interviewed her, we were impressed with her education, structure, discipline procedures, and her overall attitude. We gave her a brief history of our sons struggles and she was very open minded and willing to support us in any way possible. She answered all our questions, gave us references, and showed us her portfolio. Needless to say, we didn't have to think long before choosing Susy.

Once our son started in her daycare, Susy stayed true to her word and helped us through our sons speech development struggles. She even opened up her home to ours son speech/play therapist so that he was able to have his sessions. She then would apply whatever we were working on, with him during daycare hours. At times, our son was extremely difficult and stubborn. There was a period during which we has to give him special therapy with a brush and weighted backpack and Susy complied without ever complaining nor saying she was too busy to give him that much one-on-one attention. 

There are numerous ways in which she has met his needs. She encouraged independence( feeding, toileting, working through problems, ect.) but she provided highly structured guidance in a very positive manner. Our son absolutely adores Ms. Susy and looks forward to attending daily. In all the time he has attended, he has cried less than five times. 

In addition, Susy strives to run her daycare like a preschool. She does not consider nor do we call her Job "babysitting." She orders. Plans, and teaches curriculum that is age appropriate and engaging. We are consistently bringing home creative educational projects that our son is proud to present to us. She makes play dough with the kids, lets them experiment with different textures(feathers, buttons, scraps of fabric, etc.) and uses various media to teach the kids about the world around them. We are pleased in knowing that he receives well-rounded care. When he is at Susy's Family Childcare, we know he is learning how to socialize, learning in a small classroom setting, and participate as a young student.  

  • November 17, 2011, Tawnya- To Whom It May Concern:
    RE: Susy's Family Childcare

    My son has been enrolled at Susy's Family Childcare for 1 year, she is my son's teacher and caregiver. I have been impressed with the dedication she has to the children and the structure she provides daily. She is hardworking and highly committed to making each and every child feel special. She keeps her home and surrounding areas clean and tidy. She teaches responsibility, sharing and teamwork. My son has brought home many projects, she is patient and nurturing. She has taught him many things, such as sharing his things with others, picking up his things when he is done playing, treating others with respect, and just having fun.

    She is great communicator. Susy is honest, considerate and a supportive individual. Always positive and very informative on the progress of my child. She is an excellent role model for my son. I appreciate her guidance as his teacher and caregiver, her correcting him when he is not following the rules; she does it in a way that he understands why he is being corrected. She is very popular with the other children and parents, she was highly recommended.

    I appreciate the comfort she leaves with me and knowing my son will be safe and happy in her care. She has definitely become a part of our family; we appreciate all she does with our child.

  • December 6, 2011, Dan- I give my highest recommendation to Susy's Family Childcare. My two boys, ages 2 and 3, have been attending Susy's Family Childcare for the last 8 months. I feel that my children are loved and well cared for here. I feel that they are in a safe environment. My children have learned so much since attending this daycare. We are currently trying to get my oldest boy potty trained. Not an easy task, but Susy is very supportive and encouraging. Susy runs an excellent daycare. Susy and her staff are dedicated to the children, and it really shows when you talk with them. I have no worries when they are with Susy.
  • August 18, 2014, Colette- To whom it May Concern: My son has been attending Susy's Family Childcare since June 2014. Ms Susy has proven to my husband and me that her care and devotion to children and their personal development, exceeds our expectations and we have been very pleased with the outcome of our son's development within the short period of time we have known her.  Ms. Susy provides a safe and cleanly at-home childcare facility, which is what led my husband and me to choose her facility over others. To leave your child in the care of someone other than yourself can always be terrifying, but Ms. Susy endless display of care and affection to our son and other children made it much easier for us, especially being new parents. Our son who will be 6 months this August, has displayed tremendous progress with his milestones. Ms. Susy and I share a common interest and background education in Child Development and her strive to work with my son to achieve his developmental skills and milestones has been so important to me, not only as a Child Development undergraduate, but as a parent. Her attention to detail and encouragement has helped motivate my son's progress and my husband and I are very grateful for her help continual patience and devotion.  

  • August 19th, 2014, Priscilla- To Whom it may concern: Ms. Susy has been taking care of my daughters for the past 2.5 yrs. In this time I've noticed that they have become more confident and outgoing. They have learned many new things that she has so patiently taught them.  Her daily educational and creative activities/curriculum have helped them tremendously in  their development.  They have learned how to interact respectfully with others thanks to her guidance. Susy has an Instrumental part of my girls life and has proven to be caring, trustworthy and reliable. My daughter will soon be entering Kindergarten and I'm confident she is prepared for this new chapter in her life!!!!
  • August 20, 2014, Kim
  • Our search for childcare for our 3 year old daughter was horrible. I found a lot of childcare providers I would never leave my child with. Out last interview was with Susy and we were immediately at ease when we walked in her home. Our daughter walked in and she was so happy and was looking around and playing with toys. My husband and i knew from the moment we walked in that this was the place for our little girl. We started with Susy the next morning and it was the best decision we have ever made. our daughter loves going to school everyday and has so much to tell us at the end of everyday. She loves school time where she learns new things and loves the amazing arts & crafts that Susy and her staff do. To say that we are happy with our decision to use Susy's Family Childcare would be an extreme understatement. we feel that Susy is an extension of our family and we love every thing she does with our daughter. I would and do recommend Susy's Family Childcare to everyone i know who has children . Susy will never know what she does and how happy it makes the parents of her childcare.

 May 15, 2015, Nike & Sally 

  • Since our 2 year old daughter started coming to Susy's Family Childcare , she has dramatically improved on not only her speech by her behavior and manners, especially towards other children. Our daughter is an only child and wasn't really sure how sharing worked. Not only does she understand the concept of sharing, but she isn't so sheltered and afraid of interacting with others children now. From being in childcare she has learned new words, numbers and colors and even new songs. Our daughter continuously surprises me when i pick her up, with all the new things that she is continuing to learn. My Favorite part as her Mother is when i pick her up and she tanks MS. Susy for the day and she is always excited to show me what she did for that day. At first my Husband and I were very skeptical at the thought of putting out child in the care of a stranger. Once we met Ms. Susy we both felt confident knowing that she was responsible for our child, and her helpers too. My daughter loves Marcie and Danise and Susy so much that sometimes on the weekends she still asks for them and to go to school. I know my daughter is a good child, but I also know that I can thank Ms. Susy and her team of helpers for polishing and teaching my daughter the manners and skills that she needs to grow and learn the most that she can as a young child should. Thank you Ms. Susy for all that you have done to help our Daughter in her learning stages.  
  • June 2, 2015 Shannon

To whom it may concern,

As the childcare provider for my 2 year old son and 4 year old daughter for over a year, Susana Zamora has proven herself to run a remarkably responsible, efficient, and above all, professional in home childcare. I am amazed at the ease with which Susana is an organized and easy going individual. I believe that her skills and experience make her the best option for parents in need of childcare.

She works hard to operate her childcare to the highest standards in the Desert area. Susana puts the children's needs first in all situations, even above her own business. That alone speaks volumes of the quality she has to offer. She has the best staff working for her as well. I see that her patience and kind, happy spirit have become instilled within my own children. She worked through issues my children had upon entering her daycare and even gave me advice on how to continue on with their development within my own home. There were some weekends that my kids cried because they weren't going to daycare!

The only reason I removed my children from her care was because I moved out of the area. My expectations looking for new childcare will not be easily met now because I know not many any other childcare's are up to par with all she offers. I wish that the place I am moving to has another "Susy's Family Childcare" that my kids can call their second home.

I hope you too will choose Ms. Zamora for your child's care. I am thrilled my children had the opportunity to spend this portion of their lives with her. It has been the best decision I made for them.

August 12, 2015-To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Susy's Family Childcare, in-home child care center to you. My son has been attending Ms. Susy's daycare since he was 3 months old. He has learned to walk and talk with Ms. Susy. We have been exceedingly happy with her care of our little one. We found Ms. Susy via another daycare provider who recommended her as back up care. We found that Ms. Susy was more reliable and caring to our child than our previous provider and quickly made the switch. With our previous provider, we had issues with reliability , such as closing the daycare without prior notice, and this has never been an issue with Ms. Susy.

Our son had issues with severe spit-up for many months. He had to have a special formula and would often make a bit of a mess. Ms. Susy was understanding and provided not only patience and care to our son but encouragement to my husband and I. She offered advice and suggestions in the hopes that something would help. He has since grown out of this phase, but it touched me how caring she was and never seemed to show frustration with him for something he could not control.

Ms. Susy has turned a good portion of her home into a child care facility. She is assisted by 2 helpers and Ms. Susy and her helpers are all CPR/First Aid certified. Ms. Susy is very open with her communication to the parents about the children's day and always seems to have the child's and parent's best interests in mind. Our daughter attends a pre-school in the area, but when that school is closed, Ms. Susy has been able to accommodate drop-in care. My daughter loves that she can spend the day with her brother and enjoys that activities that are provided by Ms. Susy when she attends. Ms. Susy is patient and kind while still maintaining discipline and gaining the utmost respect of the children in her care. She provides activities for each age group which includes education, indoor play time, outside time, story time, lunch, snack and nap time. My son and daughter get excited when we pull in to the drive, knowing that they will soon be among friends that feel like family. One of the most impressive things about Ms. Susy is that she will treat your child with warmth and kindness. I see it in the way my children light up when they see her.

I encourage you to schedule a site visit with Ms. Susy. It is difficult to leave your children in someone else's care and finding a child care provider you can trust is vital. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact me ! Ms. Susy will be able to provide the contact information if you wish to discuss anything. Best of luck to you in your quest for a child care provider.

The Smith's

Date: June 7, 2016

Childcare Owner

Susy's Family Childcare

To whom it may concern: It is with great pleasure that I recommend Susy's Family Childcare. When looking for a child care provider, we wanted a place where our child would be provided with a nurturing environment that would allow her to develop cognitively as well as socially. Susy was very patient with us and all of our questions; she provided us with time to tour her facility and answers all of our questions. We really liked the way her facility provided many opportunities for our child to explore her social skills through the many play areas. Also, we were happy to know that she had an excellent staff-to -child ratio which ensured that our little one would always be carefully attended to.

At the time our child was 22 months old and like any fledgeling little toddler she needed some guidance with playing with others and vocalizing her needs. As time progressed we saw her development grow in both of these areas. I was particularly glad that Susy provided an enriching pretend play area as well as many guided creative art time activities that provided us with many memories from our little one to put up on the fridge.

Additionally we saw our little one express positive social skills without any prompting and begin to use her words to express her needs. We are very grateful for all of the care and love Susy's Family Childcare has given our little one and for providing a nurturing place, it gave us the peace of mind that we needed to continue in our studies and careers.


The Avila's

November 28, 2016

We highly recommend Susy's Family Childcare to any family who is looking for a warm, educational, and nurturing environment for their child or children. We moved to the desert when our daughter was just 10 months old, and were in need of a full time day care for her. We were looking for someone who could not only provide a safe and loving environment for her, but also an environment where she would learn and be stimulated. Susy has provided that and more for our family. Our daughter has learned social skills, art, music, engages in outdoor play, reading, and has become increasingly verbal since we enrolled her with Susy. Susy was instrumental when our daughter was learning to walk. Our daughter is also at an age where she is still learning important social skills, and Susy is quick to discuss the areas our daughter is both excelling and needs work in. We really appreciate that we can have frank, honest communication about her progress and activities on a day to day basis with Susy, and have even taken to calling her, Auntie Susy's. For two working parents who need a full time situation, we feel like we can breathe easy knowing our daughter is in Susy's care: she is safe, loved, happy, and in a stimulating environment  when we need to be at work. I think any working parent can attest that is priceless. Feel free to contact me with further information.

The Norris

April 2, 2017

To Whom it May Concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Susy's Family Childcare. She has been working with our infant daughter for almost a year and it has been a grate experience. Susy really cares about the children she teaches and you can see that each of the kids really responds well to her. The activities are well-rounded for children of all skill levels, and the daycare itself is set up to encourage play and interaction among the different age groups. Our daughter not only enjoys going to daycare, but she is advancing in all areas and we are so excited to see what new skill she has mastered every week. I am very happy with everything we have experienced so far with Susy, and highly recommend considering her as a daycare provider.


Davis's Family

May 4, 2018

Nearly seven months into a complicated pregnancy, I found myself in search of a daycare that could accommodate my sweet but rambunctious (and not yet potty-trained) 3 year old son. Fresh off of a not-so-wonderful experience with another daycare provider, I was feeling a bit skeptical and aloof about being able to find someone who I could trust and depend on to care for my son the way that I would myself. But with the impending birth of my newest addition, my husband and I reluctantly began googling different providers in our area and scheduling initial meetings. Looking back now, I realize that it was a stroke of complete and utter luck that Susy was the first person whom we contacted and after that first meeting we never even met with any of the other daycare's on our list.

Susy is a warm, loving, and intelligent lady who will make you feel like family from the first time you meet her. She is honest and hard-working, and above all you can tell that she truly cares about the kids in her care. Susy is college educated, and it shows in the way she operates her business. She runs a tight ship. She sets consistent rules and boundaries for the kids but still manages to balance it with enough freedom to foster curiosity and growth. I can't even count the number of times I would pick my son up from Susy's and he couldn't wait to tell me about what he had learned that day, or to show me the art project that he had been working on. She also encourages the kids to be bilingual, and my son has picked up quite a few Spanish words since he has been attending. And that whole potty-training thing? With Susy's help and reinforcement, my son was day potty-trained within a couple of months. I cannot remember a single time that I ever felt apprehensive about leaving my child in Susy's care, and that is really saying a lot. I know that my son is in a safe place, with people who will not only keep him safe but will also contribute to his developing mind and heart. In fact, my husband and I felt so much this way that when I returned to work 8 weeks after the birth of my daughter, I knew Susy would be among the few people I would trust to care for her. We recently passed our 1 year anniversary of my son attending Susy's, and both of my little ones are still always happy and smiling as I drop them off for the day. We are so thankful for Susy and her staff. If you are looking for trustworthy and nurturing care, STOP! You've found it with Susy. Susy- you are a treasure and a gift to each family that you touch!

The Gutierrez Family

Susy's Family Child Care

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