8 Reasons Why Parents Switch Childcare Providers

Childcare is the most important part of a modern parent's life. It gives them the opportunity to work and provides for their family. It empowers parents to better themselves and gives them the opportunity to better their child's education. However, for many parents, childcare can be extremely difficult to navigate. It's stressful, it's time-consuming, and it can be expensive. And though no parent wants to switch childcare providers, sometimes the situation is too difficult to handle. But as a Daycare in La Quinta provider, what can you do to keep your customers? From understanding your business model to building trust, here are some of the most important things you can do to retain customers.

1. Too Expensive

One of the most common reasons parents switch childcare providers is that they feel that it's too expensive for them to pay for. If you want to keep your customers, then the price is very important. You need to find a way to find a balance between running a lucrative business and keeping prices low enough so that parents don't feel like they're getting ripped off, but high enough so that you can stay in business without struggling too much or giving away services for free. To help determine how much you should charge parents, take into account how much it costs for your labor, rent/mortgage/utilities, supplies (such as toys), and everything else you need to operate your business at an efficient level.

2. Not Enough Staff

One of the biggest complaints parents have about daycares is that they don't have enough staff to adequately care for their children. You may need more employees so that you can handle all of your customers effectively and efficiently while maintaining a high level of quality service to each individual family you work with. A good way to determine if you need more employees is by taking into account how many children are currently in your care, what's on your schedule, and how many hours it'll take for you to properly care for each child during their daily time slot. If it takes too long, then you probably do need more help.

3. Unhealthy Environment

Another factor that parents consider when changing childcare providers is whether or not their children feel safe in your facility. A good way to prevent customers from leaving is by ensuring that there aren't any bugs, your facility is free of mildew, and that you provide nutritious food that meets all of your state's health guidelines. The more healthy choices you can offer your customers, the less likely they'll be to consider a different Daycare in La Quinta provider. And since daycares have a bad reputation for being unhealthy places to take children, it's important that you do everything in your power to prove those myths wrong.

5. Lack of Communication Between Staff and Parents

One thing that can kill a business's success is a lack of communication between both parents and staff. Parents should have their questions answered, concerns dealt with, any problems (such as sickness or punishment for bad behavior) resolved as quickly as possible and treated like they're valued customers instead of someone who has to pay your bills every month. One way to maintain these levels is by communicating often with your clients; use phone calls, e-mails, SMS messages (with their permission), etc., to stay in contact with them as much as possible without overwhelming them or making them feel like you're constantly nagging them about something minor.

6. No Planned Activities or Learning Opportunities

Many parents switch preschool services because they feel that their children aren't being educated enough or they're just bored all day because there's nothing for them to do, so they want to try out a new childcare provider where their kids can learn more and play with toys instead of sitting at a desk doing schoolwork all day long. If you want to keep customers, then it's important to provide activities and learning opportunities for your clients' children so that they have things to do while being in your care.

7. Staff Members Don't Seem Interested in Children's Development

Another thing parents switch daycares over is that they feel like you don't care about their children's development or learning enough to get involved with them. It's important to make sure that your staff gets involved with your clients' children as much as possible; whether it's by playing with them, reading to them, or showing them how to do something new, make sure that everyone working at your facility is getting personal time with your customers' kids because there's no better way to gain their trust and loyalty than by demonstrating that you're interested in helping their children succeed.

8. You're Changing Things That Don't Need to Be Changed

If there's one thing parents don't like when it comes to daycares, it's when they change things that don't need to be changed; for example, switching their children into a new classroom and/or group or pushing them in a different direction than what they're used to. Making these kinds of changes could cause your customers to become frustrated and irritated because it can disrupt your customers' daily schedules and routines in life, making them feel like you're just trying to take advantage of them by doing things for your own benefit rather than theirs.

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