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6 Tips to Help Your Toddler Adjust to Daycare in Desert Hot Springs, California

Being left with someone else to watch over your child can be an extremely difficult thing to accept, especially if it’s your first time having to do so. Most children struggle with separation anxiety when they first enter daycare but learning how to help your toddler adjust to daycare can make this transition easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. Here are six ways you can start adjusting your toddler to daycare in Desert Hot Springs, California today.

1) Prepare Yourself for Preschool

The first step toward assisting your toddler in adjusting to daycare begins with you. If you are planning on returning to work or want more time for yourself, it is important that your attitude about leaving your child is calm and understanding. Try not to worry about whether he or she will miss you while at school; try instead to focus on sending him off with confidence that everyone there will help him feel safe and happy.

2) Phased Transition Is Important

It’s a good idea to transition a toddler into a new routine gradually, meaning it might be best not to drop them off at daycare on their first day. Instead, try showing up on some of their regular days (i.e., Mondays) and then sticking around for awhile before leaving. This will give your child time to adjust and get comfortable with their surroundings before you disappear.

3) Schedule a Visit

Although your toddler may seem young for daycare, it’s never too early to consider options. You can start by researching daycares in your area and scheduling a visit so you can see what they have to offer. You must also consider taking your kid to an orientation before signing up. If he or she seems comfortable there, then you know that daycare is right for him or her.

4) Help Build Trust in New Environment

Trust is key to helping your child adjust to daycare. Make sure they’re comfortable with their caregivers and help them build trust by spending extra time together in new environments before dropping them off at daycare. This way, your child won’t be quite as anxious about being there during their first few days.

5) Indulge Your Kid in a Routine

Routine is incredibly important for toddlers, as it helps them feel secure and reinforces their sense of autonomy. Try setting up a morning routine—from waking up to breakfast to daily activities—to help get your child in a groove. This way, he/she will know what’s coming next, which will make daycare seem more predictable.

6) Involve the Teacher

Teachers have great insight into your child’s personality, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. One of the most important things you can do when you first enroll your child in daycare is meet with her teacher(s) on a regular basis. Ask questions, offer suggestions or just spend time chatting with them about how things are going at school. That relationship will help both you and your child adjust to life without Mommy!


It’s important for both children and parents to have a good experience during their daycare in Desert Hot Springs, California years. When you know what’s ahead of you, your child will have an easier time adjusting to new situations. Follow these six tips and take care of yourself while taking care of your little one!

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