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Your Child Deserves the Best In Home Day Care For The Ultimate Peace Of Mind

At Susy's Family Childcare, we pride ourselves on providing the best, most attentive in-home day care. We have a team of highly professional and experienced professionals who will care for your child's every need when you leave them with us. Furthermore, we also have the best, most competitive in-home day-care prices, allowing you to save money.

Why Choose Our In-home Day Care Services?

If you were thinking about which is the best day care near me, it is worth considering a couple of important points. Below are a few reasons why we are the leading in home day care services near you:

We treat your kids like ours – That's right, our professionals overlook no detail and make sure that your kids are always safe and happy. So, you can consider us an extension of your family.

Always time – Our in-home day care professional will always be at your doorstep in time. Plus, we will continue to stay with your children until you or your partner/spouse arrives to take charge.

We work with kids of all ages – Our in-home day care services take care of kids ranging from toddlers all the way up to teens. So, you have the peace of mind knowing that they are in highly capable hands.

Competitive In-home Day Care Prices

We know that in-home day care services can be expensive. However, we've worked hard to make sure that our services are competitively priced without cutting corners. That's one of the reasons why we are the in-home day care services of choice for working parents.

Need professional help when you're away? Looking for the best day care near me? Then feel free to call us today to find out more.

We seek to provide safe, high quality child care which includes opportunities for all our children to grow and mature, at their own developmental level.