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A In Home Daycare

Below is a full complete list of all our daycare services here are Susy’s Family Childcare. We are proud to say that we have been serving the Coachella Valley with our unique in-home daycare services for the past 15 years. Children while here under our care never get bored while here. We love to keep our children entertained with projects and activities that enhance your child’s earl development skills

What’s the difference between daycare and childcare?

Daycare is the work that many people use when referring to family member or a friend taking care of your child during normal working hours and during the day. Childcare is used when your are referring to a childcare center or a in home daycare that is providing care for your child or children in a professional setting.

Susy’s Family Childcare is classified as a in home day care which is in Bermuda Dunes, California. Our in-home daycare is full of activities that your child can do in door and outdoors. Which we also have simple but well-organized curriculum for your child.

Our toddler daycare services range from ages 2-3 years old. Here at Susy’s Family Childcare, we provide plenty of activities for your toddler to stay entertained and plenty of education materials so you little one can start learning colors, shapes, numbers, and much more.

Susy’s Family Childcare is equipped and ready to handle any infants that are at least 6 months old.

Is Daycare bad for your child?

There are always Pro’s and Con’s when know if daycare is bad for your child. Here at Susy’s family childcare, we feel the Pros out weight the Con’s if you would like to get a full complete list of the pros and cons feel free to read our article about if daycare is bad for your child?

Our preschool services start for kids at the age of 3 years old where we have a full complete curriculum which includes indoor projects such as crafts and outdoors projects like gardening. Your child will start to get a basic understanding of their sight words, abc, numbers, colors, shapes, basic math, basic science, and much more.

What do they do at daycare?

At Susy’s Family Childcare your child can plenty of things to do such as indoors crafts, outdoor play time, gardening, school time, nap time, lunch and snack time and much more.

We seek to provide safe, high quality child care which includes opportunities for all our children to grow and mature, at their own developmental level.

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